The Kremlin in a Skin of “The Guardian”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
The Kremlin in a Skin of “The Guardian”

"Meta" corporation uncovered 1.600 fraudulent Russian websites posing as well-known Western media in order to misinform and undermine faith in democracy

Distributors of the Russian world created false portals, The Guardian and Der Spiegel, to misinform the world. The Institute reported this for Strategic dialogue. Experts found that Kremlin information labels found a way to circumvent the sanctions on Europe. RT television company used to spread propaganda about the war in Ukraine, but after the imposition of sanctions, its broadcasting should stop. However, in Germany and Spain appeared, internal portals — RT Deutsch and RT en Espanol. Besides, the Ukrainian service Meta has found a scheme on which more than 60 websites were created for fake new sites. The Russians chose the key laws of the publication: British The Guardian and German Der Spiegel. By imitating the activities of real journalists, Russian propagandists spread the ideas of "bad America", "rescue operation" and misinformation about Ukraine.

Similar accounts were also in Ukraine. In such a step, the Russians could go to weaken the Ukrainian people's faith in the actions of Ukrainian politicians and the military.

"Several times, the contents of the transaction were supplemented by official pages of the Russian embassies in Europe and Asia on Facebook. I think that this is probably the biggest and most complicated operation of Russian origin, which we have broken since the beginning of the war in Ukraine at the beginning of this year," David Ahranovych, director of the Meta fight against threats, said.

In total, 1.600 similar sites with "news" were found. All fake sites were deleted from the network, and Ukrainian researchers believe that such propaganda could be founded by the leaders of Russia. Investigative journalists from Germany will also study this case.

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