The Occupiers Killed a Conductor for Refusing to Cooperate

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 15, 2022
The Occupiers Killed a Conductor for Refusing to Cooperate

In Kherson, the Russian military killed a conductor of a local theatre for loyalty to Ukraine

On October 13, the Ukrainian media reported the death of a famous Kherson conductor. On October 15, the Ministry of culture of Ukraine confirmed the information about the death of the main conductor of the Kherson music and drama theatre Yurii Kerpatenko.

The Russian invaders shot a man at his home. Reportedly, Yurii Kerpatenko refused to obey the Russian military, and they shot him. The conductor displayed his civic position and refused to leave Kherson when Russian soldiers arrived. Yuri's colleagues say he stopped communicating in September. The theatre also reported that the conductor on October 1 refused to perform for the occupation authorities in honour of the international day of music. Journalist Olena Vanina told on Facebook that the Russian military threatened the musician.

"He refused to work with them, and they said that "we will come to you again". They went to his house and shot him right there," said the journalist.

This is not the first manifestation of Russian terrorist policy against Ukrainians in Kherson. In the same region, the occupiers are taking away enterprises from Ukrainian businessmen who refuse to cooperate with the Russians.

FYI: Kherson, a city in the south of Ukraine, has been under Russian occupation for more than 7 months. As of July, Russian terrorists had stolen and removed 457 people from the Kherson region.

We remind you that earlier in Lviv, due to the Russian attack, the light went out, and the whole city plunged into darkness. Therefore, the symphony concert taking place at that time was held by the light of flashlights.

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