“The Rasmus” Get In With the Ukrainian “Kalush Orchestra”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, May 9, 2022
“The Rasmus” Get In With the Ukrainian “Kalush Orchestra”

Both groups represent their countries at the "Eurovision-2022". Before the opening of the contest, groups from Ukraine and Finland together sang several songs

On May 8, the network filled in a video with an internal recording of the car of The Rasmus, where the vocalists sing something together, occasionally checking the text on the phone. If you make it louder, then every Ukrainian will say: "This is Stephania song by the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, which this year represents Ukraine at the Eurovision-2022". Of course, such support is pleasant to every person whose heart hurts for Ukraine now.

It was further revealed that a world-renowned Finnish band was rehearsing for a chamber mini-concert with the Kalush Orchestra. Before the official opening of the Eurovision, the band performed their songs together.

"Just met with the amazing Kalush Orchestra from Ukraine. Stefania x Jezebel x In The Shadows mash up. We all still have shivers. Heartfelt!" wrote The Rasmus on their Instagram.

Singers from many countries supported Ukraine. For example, on May 8, in Kyiv metro sang U2, together with Ukrainian performers sang Pink Floyd and Sting, and Metallica, Måneskin, Billie Eilish, Tom Odell, and others called for support for Ukraine.

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