The RF Killed Twice More Ukrainians in Mariupol Than Nazis

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, May 1, 2022
The RF Killed Twice More Ukrainians in Mariupol Than Nazis

During the 67 days of the war, the "army" of Russia killed 2 times more civilians in Mariupol than the nazis during 6 years of World War II

On April 30, the mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, reported terrible figures. Even now, the number of deliberately killed civilians in Mariupol is in the tens of thousands.

"In 2 years, the nazis killed 10 thousand civilians in Mariupol. And the Russian invaders in 2 months — more than 20.000 Mariupol residents. More than 40.000 people were forcibly taken out. In addition, the Russians illegally took away as many Mariupol residents as the Nazi troops during the years of occupation” Vadym Boychenko.

The tragedy of Mariupol is one of the worst wounds in the history of independent Ukraine. Not a single killed, forcibly deported to Russia, and missing Ukrainian is written off. "This is one of the worst genocides of the civilian population in modern history. The Russian army purposefully and ruthlessly destroys our city and its inhabitants," mayor Boychenko.

We remind you that a few kilometers from Mariupol, the Russians dug a mass grave for 12.000 Mariupol residents.

On the cover of this photo you see children who leave in the basement of Azovstal for 2 months. They do not have the opportunity to get out because the Russian shelling of the plant does not stop, and the green corridors are torn down by the invaders.

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