The Sixth “RGC Osvitniy Prostir” was Opened in Zaporizhzhia

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, December 20, 2021
The Sixth “RGC Osvitniy Prostir” was Opened in Zaporizhzhia

“RGC Osvіtnіy Prostіr”became the sixth in the network, which will include 16 training spaces in Ukraine

Theoretical and practical classes and a virtual reality class are equipped in the RGC Osvitniy Prostir. Adaptation training for new employees and professional retraining will take place here. The experimental class contains samples of modern equipment manufactured by RGC Production, used in gas distribution networks in Ukraine and gas equipment from global manufacturers.

Since 2019, RGC Production has been constructing and developing a system of innovative enterprises and logistics centers to produce high-performance gas equipment. A global supply system has been established, connecting RGC Production plants with the world's leading manufacturers in 12 countries. 

"Our industry needs specialized training. We do not just want to develop and popularize the profession of a gas worker. We plan to cooperate with educational institutions - so that children know that after graduation, they will come to work in a developing company that uses the latest technologies," said Yuri Zastavsky, technical director of JSC Zaporizhhaz.

The RGK Osvitniy Prostir stands are installed with metrological equipment, means for complex instrumental inspection of networks, electric gas, polyethylene welding, gas control equipment, and modern boilers with high performance.

The most advanced technologies are also used in training. The center has created a training VR (the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment that can be explored in 360 degrees) class with special equipment for a new generation. In addition to training its personnel, the RGK Osvitniy Prostir plans to implement vocational guidance and dual education projects with educational institutions in the region.


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