The USA Sends to Ukraine “Abrams” Projectiles With Depleted Uranium

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, September 8, 2023
The USA Sends to Ukraine “Abrams” Projectiles With Depleted Uranium

Previously, this type of weapon was transferred to Ukraine by Great Britain

On September 1, Reuters published data confirmed by 2 USA officials: the state will transfer shells for Abrams tanks containing depleted uranium to Ukraine. On September 6, Antony Blinken, while in Kyiv, announced the preparation of a new military package for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which actually includes the specified shells. The delivery of shells from the United States to the front can be expected within several weeks. All contents of the package are formed within the framework of the Presidential Drawdown Authority. This supply consists entirely of surplus stocks held by the United States Armed Forces.

The United States used depleted uranium shells during the Gulf Wars (1990 and 2003) and the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia (1999). Therefore, many organisations and individuals, including the International Atomic Energy Agency, oppose this type of projectile supply to Ukraine, citing its radioactivity. However, scientific studies conducted in the areas where these projectiles were used showed that "the existence of depleted uranium residues dispersed in the environment does not pose a radiological hazard to the population of the affected regions."

Earlier, the United States also made a difficult decision to transfer cluster munitions to Ukraine. And Ukraine is already using shells with depleted uranium thanks to supplies from the UK.

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