The USA to Provide Ukraine With Liquefied Gas

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 1, 2023
The USA to Provide Ukraine With Liquefied Gas

"Sustainable Solutions" launches 2 gas logistics projects for Ukrainian "Naftogaz"

Ukraine announced an ambitious plan to reduce the import of Russian gas to Ukraine ultimately. Instead, Ukraine will increase its production. The Ukrainian oil and gas network currently cooperates with Europe and the United States.

On March 1, it became known that the Texas company Sustainable Solutions is launching 2 projects to supply liquefied gas to Ukraine. Currently, SS has entered into a logistics contract for the lease of the floating terminal. It is assumed that this terminal will receive gas for Ukraine and, due to the Black Sea blockade, will be located in the Baltic sea of Estonia. It is known that the new CEO of Naftogaz, Oleksiy Chernyshov and his team will fly to Texas to discuss the details.

"We have two tankers for the transportation of liquefied gas that will serve this terminal. We are ready to launch this project by October. At the same time, Estonia is ready to buy part of the gas, and Latvia is ready to buy another part. However, we are ready to offer the majority to Ukraine," Emil Pena.

The second project is liquefied gas logistics by highways using liquefied gas regasification vehicles. The project is planned for launch in the coming months, and training drivers who will drive this specialised equipment is already underway today.

"Similar transportation is quite common in the USA, although in Europe, as far as we know, only one company provides such services. Currently, we are ready to rent 10 such cars, but in the future, their number may be increased," adds Pena.

Indeed, these measures are not a magic solution for all our gas and oil sector requests. Cooperation with Sustainable Solutions is one of the tools for ensuring Ukraine's energy security and diversification of gas sources.

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