There Is no Culture in Russia

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, February 17, 2023
There Is no Culture in Russia

The German National committee of the international council of museums announced the refusal to cooperate with the terrorist-country

The website of ICOM Germany reported that the country declares a boycott of Russian culture through the Kremlin's actions concerning Ukraine. The organization refuses to cooperate with artists from Russia. In addition, Germany will not participate in events in which the Russians will be organizers or to which the representatives of ICOM Russia and Russian museums will be invited.

ICOM Germany calls not to ignore the aggression of the Kremlin and not to separate any spheres of Russian activity from politics. Therefore, German museum workers called on the world to remove representatives of the Russian National сommittee from all international organizations. This means that Russians will no longer be allowed to attend significant cultural events, and ICOM Russia can be excluded from the word association.

"Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine contradicts international law, the Hague Convention, and all major social norms. There can be no normal relations with such a state – even in the museum sphere. We can not be a platform for the Russian flag or common guests under one roof. We take a clear position and act according to the overwhelming majority of states, associations, companies, and organizations all over the world. In the end, museums are also political actors and should position themselves," the organization reported.

Recall that New York Metropolitan admitted that artists, who were previously considered Russians, in fact, have Ukrainian nationality.

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