Ukraine Builds a New Dream

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 21, 2022
Ukraine Builds a New Dream

A start of the design work on the second "Mriia" plane. The first one was destroyed by the Russians in February

The legendary An-225 Mriia, which means "dream" in Ukrainian, destroyed by the Russians at the beginning of a full-scale attack, did not die. Yevhen Gavrilov, general director of the Antonov state enterprise, said that the enterprise had begun design work to construct the second Mriia. For obvious reasons, the construction site of the greatest aircraft of our time is classified.

"Work on the new aircraft is being carried out in a secret location. The second An-225, which was never completed, will be supplied with parts of the destroyed aircraft and new parts," Yevhen Gavrilov.

Funds for the construction of the new aircraft were partly raised with the help of the Leipzig/Halle international airport, to which the Ukrainian Mriia often flew. Also, we remind you that Briton Richard Branson also plans to participate in constructing the second, but no less stunning, Mriia. It is known that today about 30% of the necessary components are available. The project's final cost is unknown, and the preliminary is about €500 million.

We remind you that the favourite and inspiration of the Ukrainian people, our swallow Mriia was destroyed by the Russians on February 27th. At the time of destruction, the aircraft was in a hangar in the city of Hostomel. The restoration of the airfield and technical base, which were also destroyed by the war, will cost at least $1 billion.

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