Time to End Russian Fascism

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, June 22, 2022
Time to End Russian Fascism

On June 21, the representative of Ukraine to the UN called for an end to Russian fascism and recalled that there was no vote for Russia's accession to the UN

The permanent representative of our state to the UN again admonished the members of the Security Council today. Main theses:

"Russia's transition to an aggressive fascist regime has already been confirmed by its inability to refrain from attacking those whom it considers "weak prey". We all need to stop this, the sooner the better. Ukraine is now at the forefront, it has the will of its leadership, determination, and courage of their army and people, as well as unprecedented international solidarity," Serhii Kislitsa.

"If we allow Putin or his successor on the Kremlin throne to grow their severed claws covered in Ukrainian blood, a subsequent war is inevitable, and the civilized world will pay 3 times what it is today. Let's end Russian fascism now!" Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN said.

Serhii Kislitsa also reminded us that Russia was not admitted to the UN, and officially it is not a member of this organization. In fact, Russia simply and illegally moved to the chair of the collapsed USSR and self-proclaimed its successor.

"An event that happened in this hall in December 1991 provoked a series of tragic events. Imagine, on the last day before Christmas, the chairman of the Security Council, the Soviet ambassador Vorontsov closes the meeting of the Council. The next meeting of the Council is opened by the same person, and, oh, a miracle! — as a representative of another country — the Russian Federation. A country that at that time was not in the UN charter and in general in the list of UN member states," the diplomat recalled.

"There was no official decision of any body, and not because of the Christmas holidays. President Yeltsin only notified the UN of his decision, and someone accepted this decision for execution without public discussion and without a vote. And Ambassador Vorontsov managed to convince the secretary-general to accept under 3 of his credentials as a representative of Russia," "Serhii Kislitsa.

Ukraine will seek the exclusion of Russia from the ranks of the UN.

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