Today’s Kyiv Attack Cost Russia $120 Mln 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Today’s Kyiv Attack Cost Russia $120 Mln 

The country where not every house has a toilet has 120 mln to bomb the neighbours

On the night of May 16, Russia attacked 6 regions of Ukraine and the capital – Kyiv. There are deaths among the civilian population. 18 missiles of various types and 6 Shaheds were destroyed by Ukrainian air defence.

According to the Air Force Command of Ukraine, the approximate cost of this weapon is $120 million. We remind you that one of the prominent signs of Russian occupation is marauding: Russians steal appliances, doors, clothes (including underwear), money, jewellery, and even toilets from the houses of Ukrainians.

A modest proposal for Putin: might be it's time to spend money on his country and not on ours?

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