Transfer of University Property That Hasn’t Used

Monday, July 12, 2021
Transfer of University Property That Hasn’t Used

The Government has adopted the law №4486 "On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the status of national and effective management of educational institutions and state property"

The law refers to the use of the property by public and communal educational institutions with national status. It is an annual accounting and reporting of the governing body, the possibility of transferring the property to another institution, and in case of non-use within 3 years the possibility of privatization of such property.

The law allows the property assigned to a higher education institution, professional education institution, scientific institution or state scientific organization to be transferred free of charge into the ownership of the institution of higher education.

The transferred property can only be used for scientific and scientific-technical activities.

The facilities and property of state and municipal universities may not be privatized or used for activities not covered by special laws, except for leasing for services that universities cannot provide directly, related to the provision of the educational process or services to students.

In early 2019, a law came into force in Ukraine that gave educational institutions the right to lease space to provide educational or student services.

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