Ukraine Builds 4 Warships

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 6, 2023
Ukraine Builds 4 Warships

The reload of the Ukrainian fleet with combat "Ivan Mazepa" will take place in 2024

Vice admiral commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Oleskii Neizhpapa, spoke about the progress in the design of the Ukrainian warship Ivan Mazepa.

In October 2022, an Ada-class corvette, Hetman Ivan Mazepa, was launched into the sea in Turkish waters. 2 such ships are being built in Turkey, and 2 more will be built in Ukraine. They have 76 and 205-mm calibre artillery systems, cruise missiles, an anti-aircraft missile system with a range of more than 20 km, and electronic warfare systems on their balance sheet. All equipment and weapons are delivered on time, and next year the ship will enter service in the Ukrainian Navy.

|And we must have a fleet that will no longer allow the invader to even think about attacking us again and looking towards our country," Oleskii Neizhpapa.

Right now, the Ukrainian crew that will serve on Mazepa is undergoing training on similar ships of the Turkish Navy: mastering work with equipment and weapons and individual training in specialities.

Ivan Mazepa Ukrainian hetman who ruled Ukraine in 1687-1709. He is one of our state's top most famous rulers, as he invested heavily in the construction of educational institutions, theatres, and libraries, developed the Ukrainian culture and supported our identity. Under his rule, an agreement was concluded with the king of Sweden, Karl XII: Sweden and Ukraine were to jointly oppose Russia, which would provide Ukraine with the freedom that it had lost under hetman Khmelnytskyi.

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