Ukraine Establishes Council to Support Entrepreneurship During Martial Law, Launches ‘Made in Ukraine’ Economic Platform

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, January 29, 2024
Ukraine Establishes Council to Support Entrepreneurship During Martial Law, Launches ‘Made in Ukraine’ Economic Platform

On January 26, 2024, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed Decree No. 30/2024, establishing the Council on Business Support in Martial Law

This advisory body under the President aims to strengthen the collaboration between the state and the business sector under martial law conditions, focusing on preserving and developing entrepreneurial potential.

The Council's primary responsibilities include analyzing the state of entrepreneurship rights under martial law, shaping policies to guarantee these rights, and proposing solutions to address related issues. It is expected to facilitate effective interaction between the state, business entities, public associations, and to share international best practices.

Simultaneously, President Zelenskyy signed Decree No. 31/2024, initiating the All-Ukrainian economic platform "Made in Ukraine." This platform is designed to foster dialogue and unite efforts of the government and business community to tackle challenges posed by Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, enhance the activity of Ukrainian producers, and boost the national product’s popularity and marketability. It also aims to improve the investment environment and create economic conditions for Ukraine's economic recovery, modernization, and growth.

The "Made in Ukraine" platform, patronized by the President, will serve as a hub for consistent communication and coordination among state bodies, relocated enterprises, businesses of varying sizes, entrepreneur associations, foreign investors, political figures, scientists, and experts.

The Office of the President, the Cabinet of Ministers, and regional state administrations, in collaboration with entrepreneur associations and experts, are tasked with presenting the platform's concept and structure and ensuring its operational launch within a month.

This development follows the President’s enactment of the National Security and Defense Council's decision on January 23, 2024, regarding immediate measures for economic security during martial law. The NSDC’s recommendation led to the formation of the Council on Business Support in Martial Law.

For more details, visit the official online representation of the President of Ukraine.

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