Ukraine Got Lend Lease

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 28, 2022
Ukraine Got Lend Lease

On April 28, 230 members of the House of Representatives voted to provide Ukraine with exceptional military support that has already helped end the world war.

April 28th. A historic occurred — the United States of America will provide Ukraine with weapons on unique terms to win the war against Russia. Lend-lease is a heavyweight on the side of the thicket of the scales of Ukraine.

The explanatory note to the act on granting lend-lease to Ukraine, which has been mothballed since the Second World War, says:

“A bill to provide enhanced authority for the president to enter into agreements with the government of Ukraine to lend or lease defense articles to that Government to protect civilian populations in Ukraine from Russian military invasion, and for other purposes.”

Terms of lend-lease:

  • Lend-lease property left after the end of the war and suitable for civilian purposes will be paid in whole or in part on the basis of long-term loans provided by the United States (primarily interest-free loans);
  • In the case of the interest of the American side, undestroyed and not lost equipment and equipment must be returned after the war to the United States;
  • In case of destruction, the property is not subject to compensation from Ukraine.

The law, for which 230 parliamentarians voted, will be submitted as soon as possible for the signature of US President Joe Biden and then will be put into effect. Within 60 days, the president will determine an accelerated procedure for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

It is important to stress that the United States decided to grant Lend-Lease to Ukraine precisely because they believe in the victory of Ukraine and see the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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