Ukraine Has Prospects in NATO

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Ukraine Has Prospects in NATO

At the Madrid summit, they will talk about the possibility of Ukraine joining the alliance

In June, the next meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will be held. The Ukrainian government is not going to give up on the Russian forces, so the country will continue its path to NATO. Ukraine expects news about joining the alliance in June. At the same time, the Madrid NATO summit will be held, which will discuss the prospects of membership for Ukraine. This was told by the ruling party member of the inter-parliamentary Council Ukraine-NATO Yehor Chierniev. This information was made public after the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Council of Ukraine-NATO. The meeting took place in Lviv, Ukraine. The meeting was attended by 14 representatives of the Alliance countries.

But the first advances regarding the signing of the treaty are already visible. The USA temporarily believed in Ukraine Kristina Kvien said that Ukrainians have a chance to become a NATO member in a simplified procedure. Ukraine may avoid the stage of the membership action plan.

"About the possibility of joining Finland without this step, the Membership Action Plan has never been a legal requirement for joining NATO. This means that Ukraine can also join the Alliance without a member’s action plan," Kristina Kvien said.

Such a prospect becomes available to a State that meets all the requirements of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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