Ukraine has Updated the Record of Agro Export

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 17, 2021
Ukraine has Updated the Record of Agro Export

In January-November of this year, Ukraine exported agri-food products for a total amount of $24.4 billion, exceeding the historical maximum of the shipments indicator recorded at the end of 2020 ($22.2 billion)

Sales of Ukrainian pasta to foreign markets reached record volumes this year, which is 11 months amounted to 35 thousand tons. In addition, according to the predicted calculations of scientists, it is very likely that by the end of 2021, the historically maximum volume of poultry meat exports for Ukraine will be reached.

Most of all, our country sells sunflower oil abroad (more than 25% of all supplies), corn (almost 24%), and wheat (nearly 14%).

In addition, in January-September of this year, Ukraine increased imports of agricultural products to $5.7 billion, which is 900 million or 15.8% more than in the same period last year.

The largest export partner countries of Ukraine are the EU, China, Turkey, Egypt, Russia. Over the past year, the demand for Ukrainian products has grown significantly in China, the countries of the European Union, Belarus, Algeria, Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ethiopia. The export deliveries to India, USA, Russia, Iran, Iraq decreased.

The active expansion of the presence of the Ukrainian manufacturer on the world markets for finished products is a new stage in the development of Ukrainian exports. This direction opens up enormous opportunities for domestic manufacturers and the national economy. After all, increasing exports of finished products contribute to the development of the food industry and mechanical engineering in the country, attract investments in these and related industries, and create new jobs with potentially excellent wages.


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