Ukraine Invited to the G20 Summit

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
Ukraine Invited to the G20 Summit

Putin is also invited. The US demanded the current G20 President Widodo withdraw Putin's invitation and invite Zelenskyy

"I held talks with Indonesian president Joko Widodo. He thanked for the support of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, in particular for its clear position in the UN. Food security issues were discussed. I am grateful for the invitation to participate in the G20 summit."

The United States and president Joe Biden himself have insisted on excluding Russia from the G20. Following the announcement of the summit, Joe Biden demanded Widodo revoke Putin's invitation, but the G20 president refused. After that, the United States said that if Putin was invited, Ukraine must be invited.

"Including Zelenskyy would make it even more of a logistical and diplomatic nightmare for Indonesia if Putin decided to attend the summit on the tropical island of Bali in person. And it’s unclear if adding Ukraine would be enough to guarantee other leaders show up. At least some, including U.S. President Joe Biden, would not sit at the same table as Putin either way, the people said. It’s unclear whether or how Indonesia could engineer a summit to allow Putin and Biden to avoid crossing paths," Bloomberg.

Putin himself has not yet confirmed his participation in the G20-2022 summit.

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