Ukraine Is on the List of Influential Countries Worldwide

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, March 4, 2023
Ukraine Is on the List of Influential Countries Worldwide

"Brand Finance" placed Ukraine in 33rd place on the "Global Soft Power Index"

Brand Finance completed the Global Soft Power Index. According to the published report, Ukraine improved its reputation even during the war year. It is noted that the country continues to apply diplomatic tools successfully, so it is again removed from the list and falls into the top 20 influential countries. Despite the difficult situation in the country and armed conflict with the neighbouring state, the country is trying to find diplomatic ways to end the war and deepen relations with other countries. Therefore, Ukraine moved from 47 to 14 place. It should be noted that according to 2021 research, the country administered by Kyiv occupied 61 of 121 seats.

The Global Soft Power Index ranking shows how much countries can influence the world with soft power, without coercion and weapons. Ukraine uses diplomatic tools, and its ability to influence others improves year-round. The analysis shows that the Ukrainian state achieves goals through the country's attractiveness, conviction and reputation. Europe, North America, North Africa and Oceania have seen the most significant increase in positive perceptions of Ukraine's diplomacy. To compile the rating, more than 100 thousand respondents worldwide were interviewed. Ukraine received the highest scores from countries that closely cooperated with Kyiv in the past year: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

However, a negative trend should be noted. Brand Finance notes that the countries of the Middle East and Asia put the "soft power" of the Russian Federation higher than that of Ukraine.

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