Ukraine May Get “F-16” Till the End of 2023

by Meifan Honcharuk
Sunday, July 23, 2023
Ukraine May Get “F-16” Till the End of 2023

John Kirby spoke about the present and future of the Ukrainian counteroffensive

In an interview with FOX News, John Kirby said that Ukraine would likely be able to get the fighters by the end of the year. By that time, trained pilots will already be in Ukraine. However, despite this, to a greater extent, Ukraine needs not fighters, which supposedly will not change much on the battlefield, but artillery.

"The F-16s will be delivered to Ukraine, probably towards the end of the year. But the F-16s alone will not be able to make the difference. They really need artillery the most. The US president has made the difficult decision to transfer cluster munitions," John Kirby.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine received cluster munitions from the United States and has already begun to use them against the Russians. Kirby stressed that the United States is doing everything possible to provide Ukraine with armoured vehicles, artillery shells and air defence systems. This is evidenced by lists regularly updated on the White House website.

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