Ukraine Paid for the Education of Students From the Occupied Territories

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, July 16, 2022
Ukraine Paid for the Education of Students From the Occupied Territories

The government of Ukraine allocated funds to pay off debts for the education of students registered in war-affected or temporarily occupied territories

Because of the war, education in all higher educational institutions ceased. According to the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, the Russians destroyed more than 350 educational institutions in Ukraine. In particular, 2 universities of national importance were blown up by the Russian rocket yesterday in Mykolaiv.

Minister of education of Ukraine Serhii Shkarleta said that thousands of students no longer have the opportunity to pay for their education and even do not have the chance to continue it because the university no longer exists. Therefore, on July 16, the government decided to pay for the second half of the year of study at higher educational institutions.

"During the meeting of the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy with students, the issue of the impossibility of paying tuition fees for applicants for education registered in the territories of hostilities, as well as those in temporary occupation or blockade was discussed. The president set the task of resolving this issue, providing assistance from the state, and releasing more than 13.000 students from paying debts," Serhii Shkarlet.

The funds were allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget. Thus, the state provided ₴86.814.400 to compensate for the costs of student education. Further, the money will be redirected to universities and institutes.

"Due to the lack of receipt of funds from tuition fees, it is impossible to ensure the timely payment of wages to scientific, pedagogical and other employees, to pay for the provided utilities," minister Shkarleta.

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