Ukraine Sets Record for Sugar Exports

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
Ukraine Sets Record for Sugar Exports

In May, Ukraine achieved a record export of 108,000 tons of sugar, with 65% of this volume shipped to the EU and the remaining 35% to other countries

Key Highlights:

  • Export Volume: 108,000 tons of sugar exported in May.
  • Distribution: 65% to the EU, 35% to other international markets.
  • Report by: National Association of Sugar Producers of Ukraine "Ukrtsukor".

Industry Insights:

  • Comment by Yana Kavushevska: The acting head of the association's board highlighted that despite the Ukrainian government's introduction of restrictions on sugar exports to the EU on May 30, producers successfully expanded their market reach to include Mediterranean countries and West Africa.
  • Future Outlook: Last year was notably favorable for sugar beet production in Ukraine. Sugar beet is anticipated to remain among the top three most profitable crops, offering a viable alternative to grain cultivation.

Strategic Impact:

  • Market Diversification: Ukrainian sugar producers have effectively diversified their export markets, enhancing their resilience against regional export restrictions.
  • Economic Significance: The strong performance in sugar exports underlines the sector's potential as a key contributor to Ukraine's agricultural economy.

This record-setting export month underscores the dynamic nature of Ukraine's sugar industry and its capacity to adapt to regulatory changes and expand its global market presence.

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