Ukraine Strengthens Military Intelligence

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, January 30, 2023
Ukraine Strengthens Military Intelligence

Germany will hand over 100 drones "Vector" to the Ukrainian army

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine develops the AFU in all spheres. We recently reported that Ukraine was the first in the world to announce the formation of a military unit of drones. On January 29, it became known that Kyiv also intended to develop intelligence activities.

The MoD ordered 105 unmanned aerial vehicles from the German concern Quantum-Systems GmbH. These will be the drones Vector for the survey. Quantum-Systems confirmed receipt of the order. In addition to providing drones, the company will open a training centre in Ukraine. The project will be aimed at training specialists in managing Vector, repair, and inspection drones.

The German government finances the order. In the summer of 2022, Ukraine has already received a similar order for 33 aerial vehicles. The Ukrainian Ministry notes that such assistance is significant for the country. The German company also confirms the improvement of the state of Ukrainian intelligence.

"The system has been able to demonstrate unprecedented performance in the most difficult conditions. Vector was widely used and extensively tested on the Ukrainian battlefield, where it proved its advantage for military intelligence, surveillance, and operations. Its strong construction makes it suitable for working in harsh conditions and extreme weather conditions," writes on the site of Quantum-Systems GmbH.

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