Ukraine Will Return All Ukrainians and Every Raccoon 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 13, 2023
Ukraine Will Return All Ukrainians and Every Raccoon 

The occupiers made chipping and Russian passport for a raccoon from Kherson

While Ukraine was preparing a counter-offensive plan, the Kremlin soldiers were working out a plan of retreat from Kherson. In the end, the world saw no more cowardly retreats from the positions. But some representatives of the "second army of the world" decided to take at least something. Toilets were stolen in the Kyiv region, probably that's why they decided to take the animals out of Kherson. One of the most high-profile cases was kidnapping of a raccoon – a Russian soldier took him from the Kherson zoo.

Moreover, the Russians equated it with something similar to a "special operation" symbol. They have a public channel Telegram, that publishes news about the Kherson raccoon. The channel is operated by a Russian who has contact with Russian airborne troops. On January 10, "raccoon" reported that the stolen animal had been chipped and vaccinated. In addition, the Russian mafia (in other words, not to name the country in which even a doctor supports the crime) solemnly announced the acquisition of 2 passports. The first passport – is international, and the second – is Russian. Well, it seems to be the first animal to be given a country passport. Earlier, Russians forcibly issued documents of the Russian Federation only for stolen children and occupied people.

Note that the Ukrainians do not abandon attempts to return the beast. After a Russian war prisoner from Novosibirsk asked to be exchanged for a raccoon, the Ukrainians took the idea. Now Ukraine is ready to give some Russian soldiers but bring home a Kherson raccoon.

Earlier, the Russians took away a dog that served at Azovstal. The dog belongs to the woman who defended the plant and was taken into Russian captivity with the rest of the soldiers. The dog was taken away and presented to Kadyrov. A few days ago, it became known that the dog was returned to Ukraine and handed over to the owner as a part of another prisoner exchange.

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