Russian “Rats” Steal Ukrainian Raccoons and Artworks 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 12, 2022
Russian “Rats” Steal Ukrainian Raccoons and Artworks 

The reaction of the world community to the defeat of the Russian army in Kherson

French and British politicians expressed their support and confidence in Ukraine. British ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons congratulated Ukrainians on the liberation of Kherson from occupation. According to Simmons, she couldn't work all day because all her thoughts were about the freedom of Kherson.

"Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson. I and my team live and work among the heroes," Melinda Simmons.

The French president joined those who welcomed the breakthrough in the war. Emmanuel Macron congratulated the Ukrainians on their withdrawal from the occupation, which lasted from 2 March.

"I congratulate the Kherson region on its return to Ukraine, this is an important step towards fully restoring its sovereign rights. France will continue to support Ukrainians," Emmanuel Macron.

Recently, Serbian president Vucic made a new statement after the news of the de-occupation of Kherson. According to him, he did not expect the escape of the Russian army. Russia doesn't turn back and runs from Kherson at full speed. It is reported that occupiers left their strongholds on foot in order not to become an easy target for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the escape, some Russian "hero" had time to run to the zoo and steal a raccoon from the zoo. A Russian journalist on her Telegram confirmed this

"I was asked very much for good news on Kherson, but the only good news is that my comrade managed to steal a raccoon from the Kherson zoo," wrote Russian journalist Anna Dolhoreva.

Ukrainian city authorities have already offered to return the raccoon in exchange for 10 Russian prisoners of war. They are not against giving away "the best fighters" for a raccoon. We can only hope that the poor raccoon did not become a dinner for a soldier who was abandoned by his own country.

Also, another team of the Russian army robbed the Kherson art museum named after Shovkunenko. They took about 15.000 paintings to occupied Simferopil.

However, Ukraine is resolute and confident that it will be able to return everything stolen. Their readiness to continue the struggle was emphasized and stated in the Ukrainian pavilion at the United Nations conference on climate change. There was a special guest — Kherson watermelon with a flag of Ukraine. This photo was published by the Ministry of the environment of Ukraine.

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