Ukraine Won Faster

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 4, 2022
Ukraine Won Faster

American intelligence changed forecasts of Russia’s war against Ukraine

US intelligence correctly predicted the beginning of the Russian offensive. The Special Branch missed the deadline for a full-scale war by a few days. But America now realizes that the predictions are wrong. They relate to the results of the war. This is written by one of the largest international news and information agencies Associated Press.

The Pentagon did not expect the Ukrainian people to show such courage and fight for their territory. It is noted that everyone is involved in the fight against the aggressor. Many volunteers, carriers, and people ready to go to the front appeared in Ukraine.

Now the US is considering its methods of estimation. Previously, the National intelligence council did not take into account in its forecasts its ability to fight and its readiness to fight. So, the main questions for them are:

  • Why Russia fights worse;
  • Why Ukraine is better defended than Western intelligence expected.

Now it is believed that these two indicators bring Ukraine closer to victory. Previously, intelligence assumed that the Ukrainians would quickly surrender to the aggressor.

American experts believe that Russia is losing because of the problems of the army with alcohol and drugs, and poor moral conditions.

The Pentagon also admits its mistakes. In the West, it was believed that Russia had greater potential because of its active arms exports. Such processes formed the title "the second army of the world" and the impression that Moscow has missile systems and aircraft in large numbers.

Now the whole world sees the potential of Ukrainians. Ukraine can fight, but it needs the military support of European countries. Since its independence, Ukraine has focused not on the military but on economic and diplomatic force-building. 

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