Ukrainian Business Revives

by Olha Povalaieva
Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Ukrainian Business Revives

In Kharkiv, the largest network of cinemas in Ukraine, resumed work

Cinema network Planeta Kino has returned to the shopping centres of Kharkiv and is ready to show new sparing stories. People who stayed in Kharkiv and continue to work there to support the country's financial condition can already buy tickets for the continuation of the Black Panther. However, during air raids, sessions will have to be stopped, and people will have to go to safe places.

Planeta Kino has also joined the project Nezlamnist (Invincibility) in Kyiv. Now Ukrainians will be able not only to warm up and charge their phones at the point in the shopping centre River Mall in the capital but also go to the movies. Planeta Kino will also heat the venue near the cinema halls and provide visitors with electricity and internet in the mall. Ukrainians and several Ukrainian companies have joined this initiative and provided the help point with tables and chairs.

Ukrainians have always been known for their good nature. But the war showed that people are willing to take care not only of their acquaintances and the army that protects them but also of people who are not familiar.

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