Ukrainian Civilians As Prisoners of the Russian War   

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 18, 2023
Ukrainian Civilians As Prisoners of the Russian War       

Russia forcibly detains and torture at least 10.000 Ukrainian civilians

The government of Ukraine states that Russia captured as prisoners of war 4.000 Ukrainians and about 5.000 temporarily occupied territories of Ukrainians. This number of people have been placed in special camps. Ukrainian civilians were held in camps or prisons for keeping a Ukrainian passport, speaking Ukrainian, and being male. 

Associated Press journalists interviewed some Ukrainians released from Russian captivity. Civilians confirm the existence of such camps and report on the punishment used there by Russian soldiers. The occupiers are detaining entire families using a brutal system. In captivity, Russian soldiers use electric current and their own strength. Associated Press says the victims will suffer head injuries, fractures to the ribs, and due to the tortures, several Ukrainians died.

The Associated Press also analyses documents of Russia and says the Kremlin is going to build 25 new colonies and 6 other detention centres in occupied Ukraine until 2026. This government document was created in January 2023.

The journalists concluded that the Russian Federation is committing actions contrary to the Geneva Convention. This is only part of the information that has become available to the public. Unfortunately, it is difficult to imagine the horror and pain experienced by people arriving in Russian camps and prisons. 

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