Ukrainian Created an AI Simulator for Children With ASD and ADHD

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Ukrainian Created an AI Simulator for Children With ASD and ADHD

"BrainyTrain" mobile simulator helps children develop cognitive skills

Ukrainian and foreign experts believe that visible signs of such diseases as ASD and ADHD can be suppressed – it is important to devote time for the special development of children.

Ukrainian IT specialist Oleksandr Kostiev studied issues and created a mobile application BrainyTrain for children of all ages with autism spectrum disorders. It has already been tested and is available for download on Google PlayMarket and AppStore. The app can be downloaded free of charge, with time it will appear new development systems in the game version. At the moment, in the Ukrainian application for children diagnosed with RAS and ADHD, you can:

  • Choose a game with animals or numbers;
  • Play offline;
  • Choose the level of difficulty;
  • Choose the colour of the board for the game;
  • Choose the application language (Ukrainian, English, Romanian, and others).

"BrainyTrain is a fun mobile simulator that will help excitingly develop cognitive skills! Currently, 2 mini-games are available in the application: Memo and Schulte tables, with the help of which everyone can improve memory, concentration, and attention," Oleksandr Kostiev.

The application is already used by over 1.000 children aged 3 years and older.

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