Ukrainian Creative Helps Survive War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
Ukrainian Creative Helps Survive War

Ukrainian railway operator "Ukrzaliznytsia" launched a free evacuation program from the Crimea

Head of the board of Ukrzaliznytsia Oleksandr Kamyshyn informed about the creation of a new evacuation flight. During the trip, evacuation trains do not need to pay for the ticket; you can get hot food, free medical care, the care of Ukrainian railway workers, and services with discounts from the Ukrainian post.

Ukrainian trains will drive from Odesa, Krivyy Rih, and Zaporizhzhia. Destination of the route — Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk. But this does not mean that the residents of Odesa, Kryvyi Rih, and Zaporizhzhia announced the mandatory evacuation. The proposal concerns the residents of Crimea.

This is the manifestation of Ukrainian creativity. Ukrzaliznytsya offers residents of the Crimea a while to leave the peninsula.

"Cotton in the Crimea? Save a family," the slogan of evacuation trains for the peninsula's inhabitants.

"In recent times in the Crimea flourishes cotton. Ukrainian armed forces know their work. The president asked Crimeans living near military targets not to approach them," says Oleksandr Kamyshyn.

Earlier, we talked about how the army, the war, and cotton are connected.

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