Ukrainian Electric Hives Were Located in America, Canada, Argentina and Brazil

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, September 18, 2023
Ukrainian Electric Hives Were Located in America, Canada, Argentina and Brazil

USAID and Ukrainian developers placed the data-science invention for apiary business in a few countries 

Ukrainian company AmoHive has created the first IT-apiary in Ukraine and presented its invention at the world congress Apimondia Chile 2023. During the exhibition, Ukrainian developers told how the hive works. IT development looks like an ordinary house for bees, but it is equipped with sensors that work from a solar panel installed on the roof. Sensors collect and transmit data to a mobile application regarding the condition of the hive. The system allows to know the hive's temperature, humidity and fullness.

"A separate direction is the creation of a knowledge base that combines beekeeping, microprocessor technology, electronics, telecommunications and software," AmoHive.

After the presentation, the team AmoHive held talks with representatives of universities and unions of beekeepers from the USA, Canada, Argentina and Brazil. The result of the meeting was an agreement on the placement of Ukrainian IT hives on experimental apiaries in these countries. The Ukrainian invention will be connected to a common database.

Thus, in just a few years, the Ukrainian development received a prestigious award from the European Bee Award in nomination: The best innovative and technological solution 2022, and entered the international market to help improve the work of apiaries. 

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