Ukrainian Marine and River Products Abroad

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 7, 2022
Ukrainian Marine and River Products Abroad

Ukraine exported 445 tons of live fish: which helped to increase sales by 32.7%

In 2021, Ukraine increased its exports of various products. And it is worth mentioning that it bought multiple products from entirely different parts of the world. Only three countries were interested in living marine and river fish. But their purchases were $624.4 in 12 months.

Moldova was among the largest exporters. The country was interested in fresh fish from Ukrainian waters. Moldovan purchases accounted for almost 90% of total purchases. Ukrainian fish was valued at $549.000.

Israel was in 2nd place. Israel purchased small quantities of fish from Ukraine for 12 months. Thus, on export to Israel, Ukrainians earned $26.600.

Poland is slightly behind Israel. Ukrainians sold 26.3% of their fish to Ukraine in a neighboring country.

Ukraine exports fresh cod, salmon, kilt, sardines, etc. The country sells fresh fish and canned, chilled, processed goods. Popular for sale in the country and abroad, the finished products are surimi — crab sticks.

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