Ukrainian President: 45 Minutes on “Netflix”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Ukrainian President: 45 Minutes on “Netflix”

On December 12, the streaming service published an interview with Zelenskyy

Volodymyr Zelenskyy was able to get from the role of a member of the regional comedy education to the role of guest David Letterman on the popular Netflix platform. As an actor, the current president of Ukraine would have thought so. But Zelenskyy hardly thought and dreamed of a career as a politician who will have to tell about the war in his own country. Despite this, the head of Ukraine appeared at the visit of the popular American comedian and, during the meeting, spoke not about the actor's career but about the war and difficulties faced by the fate of the Ukrainian people.

On the show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the president told about the war, nuclear terrorism, assistance from the US, and previous meetings with Putin. Zelenskyy said he could never predict the end of the war. He considered it irresponsible to give hope. But the politician believes that if Putin dies, Russia will end the war. Putin is an authoritarian man, and many Russians trust him, so he may not be involved in the country's affairs. He has time to go to war with others. But once the dictator dies, Russia will freeze. People in Russian politics will have to organize internal processes.

Zelenskyy expressed another opinion about nuclear weapons. From previous meetings and observations on the Russian president, Ukraine's leader concluded that there will be no nuclear war. Putin loves his life. This confirms Putin's fear of Covid-19 and his precautions. Zelenskyy insists that the head of Russia is not stupid and understands the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons: from a cloud to the response of other states.

Having a comedic past, the Ukrainian politician has ridiculed the war between Russia and NATO. Except for Russia, no one can assume this. But it is a fact that Putin even steals from children. David Letterman's guest reported that the war is stealing children's childhood. For example, the president's 9-year-old son knows all the names of the weapons because he wanted to know what the shelling was and how to defend the country.

One of the strongest quotations of the release can be considered the speech of the Ukrainian about the isolation of the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian leader insists on continuing pressure on the aggressor, imposing sanctions and thanking the US for its help.

"Russia has become a symbol of emptiness. No one shakes hands with the leadership of the Russian Federation... There are no competitions, world championships, cultural space, Oscar-winning venues, and others. This is isolation. It is that you do not shake your hand anymore. I think so," said Zelenskyy.

The American talk show by David Letterman was filmed in Kyiv. Just 24 hours after the publication of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction to Zelenskyy, the video gained thousands of views.

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