Ukrainians Opened a Niche Coffee House in San Diego

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, July 3, 2023
Ukrainians Opened a Niche Coffee House in San Diego

Cossack Mamai lives in our hearts and the cups of perfect coffee

Andriy, Oleksandr and Viktoria from Kharkiv opened a coffee shop with a Ukrainian name and taste Mamai in San Diego, California. Mamai is the name of a famous Ukrainian cossack, who is widely known for his masterful playing of the Ukrainian national instrument bandura (68 strings), his love for meditation and travel.

"Cossack Mamai is such a free soul, a protector. He is a connoisseur of art, the image of Mamai is everywhere in Ukraine. And we wanted to transfer it here, to San Diego. It's like the south of Ukraine, so many cultures of trade routes are mixed here and there is such a spirit as we have in Ukraine," Andrey Proshchenko.

Oleksandr and Victoria are winners of several international coffee championships, so world traditions reinforce their experience. Mamai uses grains from Ethiopia, Colombia, Honduras and Brazil. The Kharkiv trinity treats hipsters looking for new hot drink tastes and Ukrainians who have lived in America for 20 years or have just arrived.

"We want to show here in the United States that Ukrainians are people who come up with something, have the appearance and entrepreneurial talent. Ukrainians are of the cossack family," Oleksandr.

We remind you that Ukrainians in Japan opened a home-meal restaurant.

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