Ukrainians Pitched in for 3 “Bayraktar”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 24, 2022
Ukrainians Pitched in for 3 “Bayraktar”

For 1 day Ukrainians raised ₴296 million = $8,4 million = 2 units of "Bayraktar"

The charity fund of the Ukrainian showman and volunteer Serhii Prytula has been working since 2014 to help protect the Donbas. Now we need to protect the whole country, so Prytula has started a massive fundraiser for 3 strike drones. The necessary amount for purchasing 3 Bayraktar is $15 million. The Ukrainian believed that the money could be raised in 7 days. But only in the first 2 hours of the collection do Ukrainians transfer to the fund more than $421.000. On the second day of the gathering, the organization announced the possibility to buy 2 Bayraktar TB2. In 2 days, the Ukrainians transferred $10 million to the account for the purchase of drones for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Turkey liked such an initiative of the Ukrainian people. This was announced by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey Vasily Bodnar at a briefing on June 23. However, the politician noted that the purchase of drones is possible only through the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, but even this is a powerful signal of unity and the desire to be a free state. Currently, Istanbul is closely following the process of collecting donations and is waiting for seven days to see the results of charity activities.

At this time, the Russian people cannot believe in the unity and strength of Ukrainians. Discussions on buying Bayraktar for the Ukrainian army began to appear in the network. According to observations, most Russians believe that the information that the Ukrainians raised $10 million in 2 days is fake.

Recently we were told that one of the Ukrainian charitable foundations was given the right to purchase arms from abroad. On June 21, it became known that another equally popular foundation announced a fundraising campaign for the purchase of Turkish Bayraktar.

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