Ukrainians Will Return the Crimea by the Middle of 2023 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 29, 2022
Ukrainians Will Return the Crimea by the Middle of 2023 

The former commander of the US army in Europe believes that the Russian army has already shown tremendous power and will continue to disappear quickly

Former US army commander in Europe, lieutenant general Ben Hodges, was interviewed by the LRT media. The military told how in his opinion, the Russian-Ukrainian war will develop and how it will end. The lieutenant general noted the zeal of the Ukrainians to victory and supports the idea that all Russian soldiers will be discarded or destroyed on the territory of Ukraine (according to February 23, 2022) by the end of the year. Ben Hodges expressed his opinion regarding the previously occupied and annexed territories.

"I keep hoping that by the end of the year, Ukrainian forces will push back Russian troops to positions on February 23. By the middle of next year, Ukrainians will be in Crimea," Ben Hodges.

The other day, the Turkish newspaper dikGAZETE wrote an article in which it considered that not only the Russian military potential but also the Russian dictator had "disappeared".

"Putin may announce by the end of the year that the "military operation" is ending and Russia will defend only the territories under its control," said dikGAZETE.

What Russians will consider to be territories under their control remains a question. 

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