Ukrainians Win Diamond League

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 9, 2022
Ukrainians Win Diamond League

20-year-old Ukrainian won at the most prestigious competitions in the high jump

The Diamond League is considered the most anticipated annual event among track and field athletes. Before reaching the final, athletes are selected. Ukrainian Yaroslava Mohuchykh was able not only to pass the previous qualifying stage but also to win gold in it. The successes of the Ukrainian woman in this did not end. On 9 September, it was reported that the Mohuchykh had won the final round of the Diamond League, which was held in Zurich.

In the final stage of the most prestigious athletics competition, a 20-year-old girl jumped 2.03 meters. It is reported that the girl managed 2.05 meters in the previous stage. The jump was the season’s world record and the best in the history of the Diamond League.

Yaroslava Mohuchykh became the first new champion of the Diamond League season in four years.

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