UN Evacuation Coordinator Arrives in Zaporizhzhia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, April 29, 2022
UN Evacuation Coordinator Arrives in Zaporizhzhia

A UN representative is expected to arrive on April 29 to help evacuate civilians from Mariupol and the "Azovstal" plant

Osnat Lubraini, on behalf of UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, went to Zaorizhye. It is in this city that the residents of Mariupol are being evacuated, provided with medical care, food and clothing, and consultations with a psychotherapist. On April 28, Lubraini announced its readiness to carry out its humanitarian mission:

"The SG Antonio Guterres has arrived in Ukraine to meet president Zelenskyy. At his request, I am going to Zaporizhzhia to prepare for a hopeful evacuation from Mariupol. The UN is fully mobilized to help save Ukrainian lives and to assist those in need," Osnat Lubraini wrote.

We remind you that on April 27, Guterres met with Putin, and the Russian president assured of his readiness to cooperate with the Red Cross to evacuate Mariupol residents. A Kremlin spokesman denied Putin's promise within hours, saying no evacuation arrangements had been made.

Evacuation from Mariupol is in doubt again.

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