Unlocking the Ports of Ukraine in Exchange for a 25% Discount

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Unlocking the Ports of Ukraine in Exchange for a 25% Discount

Turkey and Ukraine agreed on a discount on Ukrainian grain if Ankara can organize a "green corridor" by sea

Russian Federation blocks and steals cereals grown by Ukrainians. This leads to Putin’s ability to blackmail the world and stage another artificial Holodomor. So, Turkey is a third party in the resolution of this issue. Ankara is engaged in intensive diplomatic negotiations with Ukraine and Russia. The Turkish side wants to organize the transportation of grain by sea to overcome the food crisis that has arisen in the world.

Turkish minister of agriculture and forestry Vakhit Kirishchi said that two meetings will be held this week. The business meetings will be attended by Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and UN representatives. It is noted that Russia will send foreign minister Sergey Lavrov for talks. The negotiations will concern the unlocking of Ukrainian ports and the transportation of grain to Turkey under the Ukrainian flag.

At the same time, the Turkish side reports a deal with Ukraine. In the event of a successful and secure maritime corridor, Ukraine sells grain to Turkey at 25% cheaper than usual.

"We have a delivery agreement worth 25% less than "free on board" (FOB is an international trade term used to denote the terms of delivery of cargo and determine the party, The costs of transport, and/or of determining the point of transfer of responsibility for the goods from the seller to the buyer — ed.). However, they have a security and export dilemma. They also want Turkish arbitration. Both Russia and Ukraine trust only us," Vakhit Kirishchi told the Turkish media.

The Ukrainian side has not yet published any supporting facts.

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