Witty Diplomacy

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 3, 2022
Witty Diplomacy

Lithuania began to dismantle the railway, which served the transit to the Russian Kaliningrad

Against the backdrop of EU sanctions against the export of sanctioned Russian goods, Lithuania has decided to ban the transit of Russian freight transport through its territory. This became the subject of a grandiose hysteria in the aggressor country, which, having subsided, grew into a controversy "Russia does not lose anything Russia we will deliver goods to Kaliningrad by sea." A few days later, Olaf Scholz proposed to add exceptions for Kaliningrad to the following package of sanctions against the aggressor country.

And while someone is busy with the fate of Russia, Lithuania took care of its own country and began dismantling the unprofitable railway track Medininkai-Trakai-Prienai-Marijampole-Kybartai, Silute-Pagegiai, and Taurani-Pagegiai. This was announced by the Ministry of transport of Lithuania.

"These routes are completely unnecessary for Lithuania and served only the interests of Kaliningrad. Previously, the state received economic benefits from their operation, but due to the cessation of transit, the need for the operation of these railway branches has disappeared. Residents of settlements can use road transport", Minister of transport Mindaugas Mandzheiko.

Russia stated that the lack of transit through Lithuania would not be a problem for it, and the country would switch to maritime logistics. Now, after the subtle decision of Lithuania, Russia will have to believe in its affirmations and really start delivering goods to Kaliningrad by sea.

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