US Considers Transfer of HAWK to Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
US Considers Transfer of HAWK to Ukraine 

Old air defence systems from the United States will become an upgraded version of "Stinger" missile systems

Reuters, citing 2 senior US military officials, say the US military government is considering transferring old HAWK air defence systems to Ukraine. Against the background of inhuman Russian attacks on the civilian infrastructure of cities, this equipment is more than necessary for Ukraine.

Earlier, the United States had already sent Stinger air defence systems to Ukraine: they are smaller and have a shorter range. HAWK, in turn, will strengthen the defence of cities from missile and drone attacks.

"The Biden administration would use the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) to transfer the HAWK equipment, which is based on Vietnam-era technology but has been upgraded several times," Reuters.

Thanks to the PDA, in response to an urgent situation, the United States can quickly transfer defence goods and services to Ukraine without the approval of Congress.

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