US Sanctions 5 Chinese Companies

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 29, 2022
US Sanctions 5 Chinese Companies

The US Department of сommerce called its decision a signal for those who continue to support the aggressor country

On June 29, The Financial Times published information that Connec Electronic, King Pai Technology, Sinno Electronics, Winninc Electronic, and World Jetta (HK) Logistics fell under United States sanctions.

"Today's decision sends a powerful signal to businesses and individuals worldwide that if they try to support Russia, the US will cut them off from its market," US deputy secretary of commerce Alan Esteves.

Washington expressed concern against the backdrop of information about China's readiness to support Russia on its bloody path of war against sovereign Ukraine. Lloyd Austin and US national security adviser Jake Sullivan have been talking to Chinese officials about their possible indirect assistance to the Kremlin, and as we can see, China is not evading sanctions against Russia or supplying this country with weapons.

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