“Velory” Opens R&D in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 9, 2021
“Velory” Opens R&D in Ukraine

The Swedish IT company "Velory" enters the Ukrainian market. They plan to hire up to 25 specialists

The Swedish company Velory, which provides productivity services to businesses, will open a development office in Ukraine. They plan to assemble a team of 20-25 specialists per year. Currently, the company has about 50 employees in total.

Main about Velory

Velory is positioned as PaaS (Productivity as a Service) and is working on an innovative product. This platform optimizes the work of their employees for customers and makes teams more productive. The company was launched in 2014 and today serves about 30.000 customers around the world.

The company was formerly called Moor Holding AB, and in June 2020, it raised $7 million from Rovio, after which it rebranded and expanded the team.

Today Velory has about 50 employees, and the company has two offices: in Gothenburg and Stockholm. R&D in Ukraine will also appear soon.

Why Ukraine?

The world's interest in Velory is growing rapidly, and the company plans to double its product team to meet the growing demand. Velory representatives visited Ukraine during a research trip in early 2020 and were amazed at IT development and the worker's professionalism. This visit marked the beginning of successful cooperation, which led to the opening of R&D in Ukraine.

Over the next 12 months, Velory plans to hire 20-25 React.js and Ruby specialists in Ukraine, who will work closely with developers in Sweden. The company did not answer in which city the office will be located yet, but they've announced that the work will be remote, and the physical office will be opened when the team is already fully assembled.

IT industry in Ukraine

The Ukrainian IT sphere is called the most promising sector for the development of the domestic economy. The goal of the Ukrainian government is to help the IT industry reach 10% (now 3.5-4%) in the country's GDP so that Ukraine becomes the most potent IT hub in Central and Eastern Europe.

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