War Transcends the Borders of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 31, 2022
War Transcends the Borders of Ukraine

On 31 October, a Russian rocket crashed in Moldova

In the morning, the Moldovan media referred to the Ministry of internal affairs and reported the sound of an explosion on the border with Ukraine. According to preliminary information in the village Naslavcea, fragments of a Russian strike missile fell. The settlement is located 700 meters from Ukraine. The photos show smoge from the island Dniester river's heart, which divides Ukraine and Moldova.

The Ministry of internal affairs has closed the territory and is checking the debris of the missile for explosion risks. The Moldovan ministry reports that the missile was shot down by the Ukrainian air defence system and fell on the northern edge of the country, on the border of the 2 states. Windows were broken in several houses, but the people were not injured.

Recall that on October 31, the Russian army once again inflicted a massive missile strike on the entire territory of Ukraine.

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