Warriors of Ukraine Will Be Trained in Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 14, 2022
Warriors of Ukraine Will Be Trained in Poland

Poland is interested in training Ukrainian soldiers, primarily because it is interested in peace in Europe. And Ukraine is fighting for peace in Europe

On July 12, Polish minister of defense Mariusz Blashak arrived in Kyiv. During the meeting with the president of Ukraine, the representatives of the states discussed the possibility and conditions for training the Ukrainian army in Poland.

"We also talked about the possibility of training the Ukrainian military in Poland. Sappers can be trained, we all know very well that the Russians left mines in the occupied Ukrainian territory, so they need to be removed. We are ready to train the Ukrainian military so that they can clear these territories," Mariusz Blashak.

We remind you that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are currently undergoing training in the UK. Under the plan, initiated by Boris Johnson, Ukrainians will be trained in a regular pattern of 1.200 soldiers every 100 days.

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