What Is “Russkiy Mir”, “Russian World”, or Pax Moscovita

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 23, 2023
What Is “Russkiy Mir”, “Russian World”, or Pax Moscovita

The Germans prove: "Russkiy Mir" Russkiy Mir Is the Seed of Evil

"Russian world" (transliteration from the original Russkiy mir ed.) the socio-political, geopolitical and ideological doctrine of putinism. The exhibition Russkiy mir started in Berlin: the yellow gas pipe of Russkiy Mir exhibition with a sign "everyone who is in this occupied territory must obey the rules and laws of the Russian world" reflects the danger of ideology. 

"We wanted to clearly show the German society what threats the Russian peace poses to the territories it occupies. This threat does not necessarily come in tanks: in the West, propaganda, economic and political levers, gas blackmail have been going on for many years," the authors of the installation, the German creative agency [isdgroup].

The organisers also printed the Russkiy Mir Zeitung newspaper, which contains real articles from the Russian media. With this paper decision, the organisers showed how high the level of Russian media propaganda and their subordination to kremlinology is. The materials translated into German and printed in the Russkiy Mir Zeitung reflect the support of the ideology of the "Russian world" on the part of the Russians themselves.

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