How to Help a Pet in the Case of ZNPP Explosion 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 7, 2023
How to Help a Pet in the Case of ZNPP Explosion 

Ukrainians prepare alarm suitcases for themselves and furry bests in case of the terrorist act by Russia

In early July, the threat of an explosion at the Zaporizhzhia NPP peaked. Russia's propaganda channels have begun to accuse Ukraine of the possibility of striking the nuclear object. At the same time, the occupying government did not allow IAEA representatives to inspect the entire station thoroughly. On this basis, IAEA experts requested additional access to all parts of the ZNPP. 

"IAEA experts have requested additional access, which is necessary to confirm the absence of mines or explosives. In particular, access to the roofs of reactor units 3 and 4, as well as access to parts of turbine halls and some parts of the cooling system at the factory," writes Reuters.

At this time, Ukrainians have no time to wait for the conclusion of the world centre of cooperation in the nuclear field. Especially with the recent experience of blowing up the Kakhov reservoir.

People are stocking food in sealed packaging, bottled water, wet wipes, masks, and duct tape to seal the cracks in the windows. At the same time, people buy potassium iodide. This drug is essential for both humans and animals. The Ministry of health of Ukraine made official recommendations in the event of an explosion at Europe's largest nuclear power plant. People are advised to choose places with the fewest windows, best of all, basements and bomb shelters. For Ukrainians who can be on the street or the road, recommendations for action in the event of a disaster are also given. The Ministry knows that Ukrainians are preparing to evacuate their pets. Therefore, the official recommended the dosage of medicines, necessary things for the animal in the shelter and travel rules.

"With an animal, it is necessary to move quickly, but not to run, so as not to lift into the air radioactive dust. Carriers should be covered with a dense cloth," the Ministry writes.

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