Who Buy a Winery in Odessa for $9 million

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Who Buy a Winery in Odessa for $9 million

The State Property Fund sold at an open auction the entire property complex of the winery Odessavinprom, located in the center of Odessa

The online auction was attended by 12 participants, who increased the price 3,6 times, from the starting $2,500 to $9 million.

Privatization of Odessavinprom is another success of privatization. The state received a fair price for such an object thanks to a transparent auction, the local community will be confident in preserving the historical monument, and the investor is motivated to develop this powerful asset, which will become his property," said FGIU Chairman Dmytro Sennichenko.

The winner of the bidding was Kaplor 7, registered in Odessa. According to the state register of legal entities, the company is engaged in the production of wine and cider and wholesale of beverages. The ultimate beneficial owner is Natalia Golub.

The new owner of the entire property complex, after signing the auction protocol, the contract of sale, and payment of funds, will own 97 real estate objects, including cellars for processing and storage of wine, production buildings, warehouses of products.

Moreover, 200 units of the movable property will be transferred to ownership, including machinery, equipment, tools, appliances, inventory, and vehicles.

Odessavinprom is the oldest wine enterprise in Ukraine. It began its work in 1857 as the wine cellars of Francois Nouveau, which have remained in working order to this day.

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