Winery for Sale is Odesa Region 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, April 21, 2023
Winery for Sale is Odesa Region 

$5.2 mln privatisation of "Izmail winery" in Ukraine 

The plant is located in the south of Ukraine, in the Odesa region. The assets of the winery are located on 3 plots in the area – it is the villages where the climate and the land are best suited for growing various varieties of grapes. The premises' area for producing and processing sparkling and other alcohol drinks from grapes is 27.200 m². This area includes the following premises:

  • Process house;
  • Spill;
  • Champagne production;
  • Warehouse;
  • Exhibition complex, etc.

The cost of the winery was about $471.000. However, 4 companies participated in the tender for production. Participants raised rates until the total amount reached $5.2 million – 11 times the initial rate of the State property fund. Now the company from Odesa Fininvest Group P is considered the winner and the new owner. According to the tender agreement, the company has 20 days to pay the entire amount. After full payment, the state and the buyer write the contract.

South Ukraine is full of fertile places and sunshine, which help build a successful business in this sphere.

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