World Stands With Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
World Stands With Ukraine

Military assistance to Ukraine from the world today is €28.7 billion

This list contains all the countries that have transferred weapons or money to Ukraine to purchase weapons. Here are the percentages of the total defense budget of the donor country, which is transferred to the defense of Ukraine and, globally, the defense of Europe from the invasion of the Russian horde.

  • Latvia — 33.1;
  • Estonia — 31.2;
  • Poland — 12.9;
  • Slovakia — 11.6;
  • Lithuania — 4.6;
  • Canada/USA — 3.6;
  • Slovenia — 3.3;
  • Ireland — 3;
  • Germany — 2.8;
  • Czech Republic — 1.8;
  • Denmark — 1.9;
  • Sweden — 1.8;
  • Britain — 1.3;
  • Luxembourg, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, France, Greece, Romania, Finland — up to 1%;
  • Spain/Austria — up to 0.1%.

Note: Latvia and Estonia gave Ukraine a third of their defense budget. also, among the countries that contributed to the victory of Ukraine is Luxembourg, a country with an area of ​​2.586 km². This state inspires us and other countries with its assistance and support.

Poland and the Czech Republic provided Ukraine with a lot of Soviet-style heavy weapons: exactly the kind that our army knows how to work with. Other countries, particularly Germany, undertake to replace the military ranks of Poland and the Czech Republic.

We remind you that the United States provided Lend-lease to Ukraine and the first batches of weapons will arrive in Ukraine shortly.

The total amount of military assistance that Ukraine has received today, and which is approved by the donor state and will soon be transferred to our country, is €28.7 billion. This amount is 6.2 times higher than the defense budget of Ukraine as of January 1, 2022. It is also worth noting that this amount is 74% of the military budget, which is inexorably decreasing due to Russia's defeats in the war against Ukraine, as well as sanctions and the lack of opportunities to redeem foreign bonds in rubles.

Ukraine will win! Glory to Ukraine!

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